Why I Am Starting This True Crime Blog

According to the economist:

“more than 211,000 homicides committed since 1980 remain unsolved” in the United States.  This startling number does not take into account the number of unsolved homicides predating 1980.”

We tend to believe that homicide is something that effects a demographic other than ourselves.  In reality all of us, at one point or another, have came into contact with a predator that has murdered.  Maybe we were fully aware of these monsters under our beds or maybe we weren’t, but regardless we have made contact with them.  Some of us have lost people we loved to these monsters.  Some of us have had the pleasure of tracking these monsters down and caging them up to make our community more secure.

From a very early age I was keenly interested in human behavior and our motivations in life.  Then came the morbid curiosity:  What type of human takes the life of another human and why?  the answer to this question is always inevitably any type and for any reason.  I’ve seen everything from priests to pagans, parents to children, famous icons to average Joe’s.  These same people are also at risk of becoming victims of homicide.  In essence, there is no one that is immune to suspicion or victimization.

Every single murder case didn’t just occur because one day someone woke up and decided to kill.  It takes a set of circumstances to make someone a murderer.  As with the assembling of a bomb, the murderer’s psychopathy is achieved over time and is built according to their unique life experiences and genetic predisposition.  But one day something lights the match to the wick of that bomb and they finally explode.  What that trigger is cannot be determined often times until it is too late.

In order to solve cold cases we must not only put ourselves in the shoes of the victims, who are always to be remembered with honor, but we must also attempt to profile the murderer.  Perhaps there are ways to predict if someone has the predisposition to murder and in that revelation maybe we can prevent more murders that eventually turn to cold cases.

Then we have our missing persons and Jane/John Does.

The numbers have steadily been decreasing with more missing person cases being solved than ever as well as cases of the unidentified.  One can clearly see on the FBI NCIC missing and unidentified persons statistic page these encouraging numbers.

Year Missing Person Entries Unidentified Person Entries




























Source:  NCIC Active/Expired Missing and Unidentified Analysis Reports.

However, it confounds me just how many children and adults are missing whether recent or cold cases.  The unidentified persons are a particular passion of mine as I often work on finding their identity.  Many times I cross reference missing persons case information with the unidentified persons index to see if there is a match.  Many times I have success and others no dice, but I never lose faith because I know there is always still a case waiting to be solved and maybe, just maybe, I can help solve it.

This site will serve as both an outlet and place for me to exercise advocacy in helping to solve cold cases of murdered, missing, and unidentified persons.  If you have any specific cases you would like to submit for me to write about or even leads for certain cases contact me here.  Advocacy involves all of us.  It is a group effort.  I will outline the processes and sources I use to work on these cases so that you too can learn how to advocate for cold cases.  The more we come together as a community the more these monsters lose.  Let’s smoke the monsters out.

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The Man with a Perfect Smile

I was doing my usual cross indexing of unidentified persons to missing persons when the case of Snake River John Doe of Idaho caught my attention.  You see, Snake River John Doe was found wearing designer Britannica jeans and a bathing suit underneath (complete with undies underneath as well).  His file noted that he had “perfect teeth”.  The perfect teeth along with nice designer jeans both lead me to believe we were dealing with a missing person who likely was not an at risk individual before their disappearance.

When I say at risk I basically mean someone that was subjected to environments where homicide would have been something that effected their demographic.  Snake River John Doe likely WAS NOT homeless, drug addicted, or mentally ill like many at risk individuals.  He likely WAS conscious of his health and affairs.  He also likely had a somewhat healthy social network which meant that his disappearance left him with many loved ones to worry for him and report him missing.  It’s amazing what a perfect set of teeth can reveal about a person.

Searching through the faces of the missing I found Dale Eugene Kelley.  Dale disappeared after attempting to drive from his home in Northern California down to his girlfriends house in Southern California.  At first I thought, “How could Dale have ended up in Idaho if he went missing from California?” Then I noticed his case file said that his car was eventually found in Louisiana.  This set off a lightbulb knowing that we are dealing with a crime spanning across state lines.

Then, I read further into Dale’s file and recognized that he was wearing Britannica designer jeans when he went missing.  This is the same make of jeans the John Doe was found wearing.  Then, the kicker: Dale’s file lists him as having “Perfect teeth” as his father was a dentist.  So, we have two individuals sporting the Britannica Jeans along with perfect teeth.  It does not hurt that Dale’s vitals are nearly identical to Snake River John Doe.

Here is Snake River John Doe’s Case Information:

(Source: Nez Perce County Sheriff web site)

On June 26, 1982, a body was located in the Snake River, on the Idaho side, 25 miles south of Lewiston. The victim was a white male, age 13-20, 5’11”, approximately 150 pounds, long, straight dark brown to black hair, with a 2″ scar on his right ankle. The individual was shot twice; once in the left shoulder and once in the neck. Victim was wearing Britannica jeans over blue swimming trunks with red and white stripes down the sides of the trunks, white socks, and blue brief-style underwear. Eye color could not be determined and no dental work was evident in the teeth. No jewelery or identification were recovered and the body had no tattoos or distinguising marks except for the scar on the ankle.
Ballistics proved the victim had been shot with a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson 36 Centennial Model. This particular weapon has not been manufactured since 1967.

And here is our missing person Dale Eugene Kelley:

Dale Eugene Kelley

  • Case Classification: Endangered Missing
  • Missing Since: May 20, 1981
  • Location Last Seen: Carmichael, Sacramento County, California

Physical Description
** Listed information is from the time of disappearance.

  • Date of Birth: February 15, 1960
  • Age at Time of Disappearance: 21 years old
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gender: Male
  • Height at Time of Disappearance: 5’10
  • Weight at Time of Disappearance: 165 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown, straight hair
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Alias(s) / Nickname(s): Unknown
  • Distinguishing Marks/Features: Kelley has a 1 inch scar on his left knee.
  • Dentals: Available; Dale had perfect teeth. His father is a dentist.
  • Fingerprints: Not available
  • DNA: Available

Clothing & Personal Items

  • Clothing: He was wearing a yellow tank top, a medium-sized shirt, Brittania jeans and white high-top Converse tennis shoes at the time of his disappearance.
  • Jewelry: Unknown
  • Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Circumstances of Disappearance
Kelley was last seen in Sacramento County, California on May 20, 1981. Kelley was going to drive to Los Angeles, CA to visit his girlfriend. He last spoke with her at 8am that morning. His orange Toyota Celica with California license plate #598TIH was discovered abandoned in New Orleans, Louisiana shortly after he vanished. Foul play is suspected.

Investigating Agency(s)
If you have any information about this case please contact;

  • Agency Name: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
  • Agency Contact Person: Deputy Paige Kneeland
  • Agency Phone Number: 916-874-5066
  • Agency Case Number: 81-41416
  • NCIC Case Number: M018778968
  • Namus Number: MP # 5667

Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Information Source(s)

I have sent Dale in to the proper investigating agency to check and see if he could be Snake River John Doe.  My hope is not only that he is identified, but that his murderer (if still alive) will be apprehended as a result of continuing the investigation.

Do you think Dale could be Snake River John Doe?  I am pretty confident it could be a match, but you never know.  It is a crazy world we live in.

Lake Village John Doe


In the early 1980’s this teenager was found murdered along with other young men at an abandoned farm house in Indiana.  All of the young men were victims of serial killer Larry Eyler.  Most of his victims have been identified, but this John Doe remains unidentified.  Let’s see if we can study his case, peruse missing persons files to compare to him, and maybe we can give him his name back.



So to give you a little background on this young man who deserves his identity back:


Not to be confused with Adam (murder victim).
Digital image created from CT scans of skulls to depict an estimation of the victim in life

Most recent reconstruction created by theNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Born approx. 1964 – 1968
Status Unidentified for 32 years, 7 months and 26 days
Died 1982 – 1983 (aged 15 – 18)
Lake Village, Newton County,Indiana
Cause of death Homicide by stabbing
Body discovered October 18, 1983
Other names “Victim A,” “Victim 3”
Known for Unidentified victim of homicide
Height Between 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
and 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)(approximate)
Weight Between 140 lb (64 kg)
and 160 lb (73 kg)(approximate)

Other reconstructions of “Adam”

Victim A, or Adam, a black male, was around fifteen to eighteen years of age, but may have been as old as twenty.[2][6] He had a distinct red and black belt, inscribed with the word “devil” multiple times.[6] The buckle contained the word “jeans”.[1] A pair of jeans and pajama bottoms were found on his remains, along with a pair of boots. The boots were made in the Hush Puppies design and had metal buckles to fasten them on each side.[1][8] He was between five feet eight inches to six feet two inches and is believed to have been a hitchhiker who was picked up by Larry Eyler in 1983 before being murdered.[5][7][9][10] Eyler described the boy to be between fifteen and twenty years old and confirmed the suspicion that he had been picked up near Terre Haute, Indiana. Eyler had previously targeted hitchhikers after he had relationship troubles with his partner.[4] Investigator Scott McCord believes that Adam was likely native to the region, perhaps from around Chicago or St. Louis.[2] He was also previously known as Victim 3, as he was one of four to be found at the burial site.

McCord stated that he preferred to use names instead of numbers when he referred to the victims.[1][6] Like most of Larry Eyler’s other victims, Adam had his pants pulled down to his ankles.[4]

In a confession letter released by Larry Eyler’s defense attorney Kathleen Zellner, Eyler said that after an argument with his boyfriend, he drove toward Terre Haute, Indiana in the third week of July 1983.[11] While traveling through the town, he met a hitchhiker who matched Adam’s description. Further in the document, it was described that the young man was offered seventy-five dollars to allow Eyler to “perform a sexual act” with him. After Eyler drugged the young man with alcohol and an unspecified drug, he took him to the barn; the young man’s body was later found buried nearby. Subsequently, he was bound, blindfolded and was eventually stabbed multiple times in his upper and lower midsection. According to Eyler, his last words to the man were, “Okay, make your peace with God, n*****.”[4]

Eyler wrote that he buried Adam separately from the three other victims he had previously murdered. He said it was “not proper” to bury an African American with European Americans.[4]

When I initially ventured out into the world of identifying the unidentified I was keenly interested in identifying the victims of Larry Eyler.  Adam John Doe is not the first young victim of Eyler that I have attempted to identify and he likely will not be the last. When Searching for matches to the unidentified I typically source  It is a missing person index/database that spans the early 1900’s to the present.

When searching the index I search any date prior to the date the john doe was discovered because naturally the postmortem interval of death for any unidentified person, or UID, is before or on the date they were found. Sometimes a specific postmortem interval will be given, which gives me a more precise idea of when the unidentified person was murdered and likely it is near the date in which they were reported missing.  There are acceptions to this rule because sometimes a missing person or unidentified person’s date of missing or discovery is incorrectly entered.

It did not take me very long to find a match to this UID nicknamed Adam, and the person he matches with came from the same somewhat faraway state that I found another victim of Eyler’s likely hailed from.

Charlie Hall the Third went missing from Tennessee in December of 1981.  Curiously I have another John Doe of Eyler’s that I believe was last connected to Tennessee.  You see, Larry’s hunting ground consisted of two major highway systems, and one that ran from Indiana where the boys bodies were found lead directly down to the volunteer state.  Could this be a coincidence or am I onto something?  Geographical awareness is very important when studying a predator such as Larry Eyler.

Here is Charles’ info:

Charlie Hall, III

1 2 ap
Above Images: Hall Right; AP to age 47.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

  • Missing Since: December 31, 1981 from Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
  • Classification: Non Family Abduction
  • Date Of Birth: March 5, 1966
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
  • Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Race: Black
  • Gender: Male
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: A birthmark on his right cheek.
  • AKA: Little Charlie
  • Case Number: 82-839

Details of Disappearance
Charlie Hall was last seen leaving his residence at approximately 3 p.m. to visit his girlfriend on December 31, 1981. He lived at 525 40th Avenue, North, Apt. B-8, Nashville. He never returned home.

Is it just me or is Charlie’s presence as the only missing teenager in the year of 1981 to be African American more than a clue to his identity?  Unfortunately not.

I was able to contact the coroner who is currently handling the unidentified victims of Larry Eyler.  He and I both believed Charlie was such a strong match, but after comparing the dentals for Charlie with the dentals of his John Doe there was no dice.  The dentals were not a match.

So now we find ourselves back to square one.  Who was this young man who was tragically and savagely murdered by Larry Eyler?  I have hope we will find out his name.

****New Update!****

The coroner accidentally replied to me incorrectly and Charlie is still in consideration to possibly be this doe.  There has been a little miscommunication as he referenced the wrong information/tip and not mine.


This post currently is in the works.  Check back soon!

Ashland John Doe


In 1963 this little boy’s body was found by two fishermen in the Keene Creek Reservoir along Highway 66 in the mountains near Ashland, Oregon.  He was believed to have been around 2 years old when he died and his remains suggested he may have been deceased since October of 1962.  He possibly had Down’s Syndrome.  He had been wrapped in a blanket and telephone wire.  Let’s read up on his case and do some homework checking newspaper archives, cross referencing missing person indexes, and scanning some message boards online to see if he still has surviving family members or friends searching for him.  Let’s give this boy his name back.

This post currently is in the works.  Check back soon!

Blackhawk Jane Doe

A man went to shoot magpies near Blackhawk, CO one day on September 30, 1952 and noticed a large burnt log while he was walking around in the woods.  As he moved closer he found a log that had previously been doused in gasoline and set ablaze and then upon further inspection he realized a woman’s badly burned body was underneath it.  He kept revisiting the scene that night multiple times with his shooting partner before reporting the homicide to police.  I have already sent in a promising match for this Jane Doe and the lead coroner investigator is looking into it closely.  If the Jane Doe is who I believe she is, then the coldest case in Colorado history will be solved soon.  Let’s read more about Blackhawk Jane Doe (referred to in the past as the Funeral Pyre Jane Doe).

First and foremost, evidence is the most important facet of the case to study.  Evidence includes the crime scene and all items pertinent to the crime within it such as weapons, signs of struggle, clothing, and of course the victim among other items and physical conditions.

There were two pieces of evidence that called out to me when I looked over this Jane Doe’s casefile.  The first item was a ring found near the funeral pyre that was curiously missing its stone.  The second item was an empty lipstick case.  Now, we have two very big clues here that signify a number of possibilities and motives.

Did the ring belong to the Jane Doe?  Was the stone in this ring valuable?  Was it a wedding ring?  This might point toward a motivation of robbery that lead to this Jane Doe’s death.  But if she were married and it was a precious stone from a wedding ring how come her husband never reported her missing?  Either the ring was a precious ring that was not a wedding ring OR the ring was from a previous marriage of the jane doe in which the husband was lost to divorce or death.

Then there is the lipstick case.  Assuming this belonged to the jane doe, would it be safe to believe that she often wore lipstick and had a well manicured appearance?  Possibly so.

So taking these two items of evidence into account we have an idea of the profile of our victim.  She was a woman who wore lipstick and also was possibly married during or prior to the time of her murder.

One missing woman in the national index seemed like a viable match.  Here is her information:

Lillian Eileen DeMaris

Above Images: DeMaris
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: August 14, 1952 from Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: May 12, 1921
Age: 31
Height: 5’0-5’2″
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Race: White
Gender: Female
AKA: Lillian Eileen Huff
Case Number: 00-18286
Details of Disappearance
Lillian DeMaris disappeared from Mason City, Iowa, on August 14, 1952, leaving behind three young daughters, ages 6, 4, and 2.

DeMaris was born in Dodge, Nebraska. She was married four times. Her husbands included Patrick O’Brien, Shorty Thompson, Charles “Chuck” Jackson, and Tom DeMaris, who died in a construction accident in Minnesota.

For a period of time during the 1950s, Lillian lived in Killeen, Texas, and also worked as a food vendor with a traveling carnival.

There was something about Lillian’s similar appearance to the unidentified female that struck me.  The hairline, cheekbones, and eyes were haunting me in regard to their likeness.  But one thing was off:  the height.  The Jane Doe had been listed as being 5’7″ in the national index where as Lillian was listed as between 5’0″-5’3″ range by multiple agencies.  The inconsistencies in height caused the coroner and index to automatically rule Eileen out.  However, I had a feeling in my gut that something was amiss.  That possibly the height was incorrect on one of the files be it the unidentified person or Eileen.

After being bothered enough I researched the original findings on the Jane Doe from the 1950’s via and found that her height was incorrectly entered into the index as 5’7″ rather than estimated around 5’3″.   I sent this information and correction to Namus and they were amazed how such a small thing as one typo threw everything off kilter.  Lesson to be learned:  If you have an irresistible sense that you have a match despite one inconsistency, you might just be onto something that law enforcement or advocate networks need to correct in order to find a match.


This post currently is in the works.  Check back soon!

The Long Island Serial Killer

One day I found myself on a well known true crime website stuck in a “basement” thread. From what I can gather it is a private board that only registered users could read and participate in.  How silly I was to think that I could easily ascertain the finer points of this case by reading about it for just a short while.   By the time I had posted my thoughts on the case I had been laughed off the board with members insisting I was not informed about the deeper nuances of it all.  Admittedly I was not as versed in the case as many of the locals and online sleuths, but much of their theories had been based on local rumor and allegations which is not worth delving too far into in my opinion lest one becomes misdirected.  So I decided to read up and do my homework.

The long island serial killer case is a case fraught with speculation.  Many believe it indirectly lead to the former police chief of the 4th precinct of Suffolk County’s downfall and eventual incarceration.  Some even believe the serial killer and this corrupt police chief could be one in the same.  Many also wonder why the Suffolk County Police Department had such an aversion to working with the FBI to solve the case.  Could it have been the prospect of taking credit for solving the case that caused the SCPD to decline FBI participation in their investigation or was there a deeper reason why the SCPD did not want the aid of the FBI?  Then there was the local businessman who committed suicide after the serial killer’s victims were found which lead many to suppose that he possibly was the long island serial killer even though it was documented that he likely committed suicide from business related pressures during the Christmas holiday.  Other’s have pointed their finger at a retired and physically disabled Doctor.  I tend to believe he had nothing to do with it and think people need to get a life, but that’s just me.  Everyone has their own theory as to who the murderer is and each person is equally convinced of his or her theory as being the gospel truth as the next person.  I have my ideas, but I’m not committed to any one of them 100%.  After all we can’t know the truth until we know the entire story.

It all began with a series of taunting and horrific phone calls from a serial killer claiming to be a member of the NYPD.  A young girl named Amanda picked up her cellphone expecting to hear her sister Melissa’s voice on the other end, but instead she found herself talking to a man who she described as sounding “like a white guy” who’s voice seemed to belong to a middle aged male in his 30’s to 40’s.   Unfortunately this does not narrow down much in terms of suspects because most serial killers fall within the demographic of being white males with an average age of 33 years old.

This monster on the other end of the line told Amanda Barthelemy he had her sister Melissa Barthelemy captive and detailed what he was doing to torture her.  He said sexually sadistic things.  He called Amanda, who is multiracial, a “halfbreed” insinuating he might take issue with interracial relations between black and white individuals.  During this time Amanda hoped there would be some way her sister Melissa could free herself from this monster. Melissa’s mother Lynn, who often times tried to confront the killer on Amanda’s phone, would find the killer hung up on her every time he heard her voice.  The calls continued for weeks with law enforcement monitoring each one until finally the monster stopped making contact.  Everyone feared for Melissa and what became of her.

The killer made sure to keep all of the calls under 3 minutes in an effort to prevent their tracing.  He also ensured that all of the calls were made from public places in manhattan like outside of the Port Authority and in Times Square.  It is assumed he used what is referred to as a burner phone.  He also is able to anonymously contact these sex workers online without anything being tracked back to him.  All these things help to solidify that this killer is average to high IQ and is organized.

A chilling detail about this killer is that he asked Amanda Barthelemy if her family had filed a missing persons report yet.  This along with the killer’s taunting admission of being a member of the NYPD causes one to pause.  Could this serial killer really be a member of a police department who has gone against his oath to protect and serve his community or is he just trying to throw us all off?

This monster seems to delight in humiliating and torturing individuals to feel more superior.  His choice of victims has been to hand pick  white women in their early to mid 20’s involved in sex work online although early on in his murderous career he took the opportunity when it presented itself by picking up more at risk sex workers (possibly of a slightly different victim profile than he prefers) on the street. Theoretically his first victims likely consisted of more at risk individuals he met on the streets in other states/cities until he graduated to finding the women in the NY area on websites like craigslist and backpage beginning likely sometime around 2007.  He prefers to murder in the summer months which might indicate something about his personal lifestyle.  Since it has been theorized by professionals that he likely is a local killer I’m thinking that either he has a summer home in the area and lives in the city or he actually works and lives out of Long Island and for some reason has the time to murder in the summer months.  Regardless it is believed he knows the area of the crime scene well and likely spent time there growing up.

Back to Melissa Barthelemy.  Melissa had seen her fair share of tough times in the sex industry and possibly felt a false sense of security when she decided to post her services online rather than trick on a street or at a club in Manhattan.  I believe wholeheartedly that the killer knew how to play off of this false sense of security as he was successful in convincing some of the victims to not bring their phones on the date which is something not many working girls are willing to do.  That phone is their safety net.  So who OR what could make these girls feel so secure that they would sneak off to meet a john without their phones?  Either they had met the john before and felt comfortable with him or the money he offered was too good to pass up… or both!  Maybe the john was even a cop who offered to make sure the girls wouldn’t get arrested for prostitution in the future if they performed their services for him. We just don’t know for sure who this monster is, but there are many clues.  However, Melissa was careful enough to bring her phone with her when she met the john and she just so happened to be the only victim who’s cellphone the killer used to taunt her family.  I think her decision to bring the phone made him extremely angry.

Melissa’s pimp Johnny Terry insists she was going to meet a man who had a house in long island the day she disappeared.  He claims this same man, who he believes is likely Melissa’s murderer and the long island serial killer, made taunting phone calls to him as well talking about the tattoos on Terry’s back and claiming he knew intimate things Melissa and Terry did in the bedroom.  Terry went to the police about the man, but the police never followed up to his knowledge.  No one really knows why there was no follow up.  Perhaps the police at this point thought Terry did something to the girlfriend he pimped, but no one knows for sure why the ball was dropped.  At any rate, would it have damaged the case to check out Terry’s lead on the john with a home on Long Island that Melissa went to the day she disappeared?  I don’t think it would have.

Melissa’s family would sit for nearly a year fearing the worst happened to her.  Then, on a cold December day in 2010, their worst fears would come to life.  Melissa’s mother caught a news report on the television that bodies had been found along a parkway in Long Island and she knew instantly that one of those bodies would be her beloved daughter Melissa.  Her instinct was confirmed when Melissa was found to be one of the set of remains.  One body became two, two became three, and soon enough 10 bodies were recovered with a necklace and earring clad toddler wrapped in a blanket and an asian male dressed in women’s clothing among them.

It took the disappearance of another young woman in May of 2010 to find Melissa and the other murdered victims along the causeway a few months later.  That woman was named Shannan Gilbert.  Though she was also a working girl like Melissa it is not clear whether or not she met the same fate as the other victims with the long island serial killer.  What is clear is that if Shannan had not ran out toward the causeway from a known john’s house screaming “They’re trying to kill me!” and disappeared into the bramble of the Oak Beach Community that May evening, the victims of the Long Island Serial Killer wouldn’t have been recovered.  Her disappearance initiated the search of the area along the causeway where the bodies were found.

Shannan’s body would be discovered last with some of her belongings strewn about.  She was on her back and there was evidence of possible foul play by way of strangulation that renowned medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden found on her neckbones.  The suffolk county police department had claimed it “lost” the portions of Shannan’s neck that would determine whether or not she had been strangled, but Baden found enough evidence with what he was given to suggest Shannan had been strangled and was indeed the victim of foul play (contrary to many beliefs that she possibly died by way of a drug induced hysteria).  So what gives with the SCPD being so careless to not save the portion of Shannan’s neck that proved she was a victim of foul play considering that when they finally found her body they knew they were dealing with a serial killer’s dumping ground?  Why would they insist that she was not a victim of foul play for so long until another professional from an outside agency proved otherwise?  Sure some believe Dr. Baden will rule in favor of whoever is paying him, but I’m not so sure that is what happened in this specific case.

(to be continued…)

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